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If you are considering taking legal action to seek compensation for injuries from a car accident, a slip, trip or fall, or other civil wrongs, a big part of the process is deciding whether taking action will be “worth it” relative to what it will cost to hire a personal injury or civil litigation lawyer to act on your behalf.

You may also be concerned that the length of time required to settle the claim will increase the expenses involved. Living on a fixed income because of age, long-term disabilities, or because of an inability to earn your own income due to your injuries should not prevent you from seeking benefits or damages you may be entitled to.

Your FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyer or Civil Litigation Lawyer can achieve a fair resolution, as quickly as possible, to matters that might otherwise continue to contribute a financial burden to your life.

Being clear about how you can expect to be billed will allow you to prepare financially for the expenses related to your claim. Many personal injury claims will be accepted on a contingency fee basis, which means that legal fees will be recovered as a percentage of any settlement.

The percentage we charge for fees ranges from 25% to 33% depending on the complexity of the matter and how long the matter takes.

For payment of ongoing disbursements and any legal fees billed on an hourly basis, we are generally willing to work out a regular payment schedule that fits within our client’s budget. Why not contact FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyers today to find out how we can help?

One of the most frustrating things for those suffering through a traumatic incident such as a serious car accident, physical assault, or injury caused by a defective product, can be waiting to for the settlement of your claim.

The process can be trying for everyone involved, including family members and friends, or maybe your employer is missing you at work and feeling some strain in your absence. However, in my experience, those enduring physical pain and emotional or psychological injuries are usually most affected, since much of their energy is being dedicated to healing.

It’s important for those who have filed their personal injury or product liability claim to try to remain calm and helpful throughout the process. For someone who may be struggling with both a loss of income and new limitations on your physical abilities, it can be hard to remember this. Being cooperative when completing the required forms, arriving on time to all appointments, and being calm when meeting with your adjuster are ways you can help the process along smoothly.


How Long Will It Take to Settle My Personal Injury Case?


Remember that every case is unique. There are many variables that will impact the time frame and final settlement for your settlement. But, if you are working with an Ontario injury lawyer, then you are on the right track.

Our team is going to work hard to understand your needs and bring you a fair settlement. We can and will help you through the process, but you must also take part where you are able. Some simple things you can do to help are:

Document conversations with adjusters, doctors, and anyone else you see without your lawyer.

Keep receipts and copy your FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyer on all correspondence. This will also prove to be an effective way to get you to the quickest and fullest settlement possible.

Remember, following your accident, you may feel that this is one of the toughest experiences you’ve been through, and many who have experienced the personal and physical challenges following an accident have also felt this way. Be sure to reach out for help if you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed. Our team is in touch with a number of organizations that can provide you with support.

Even when it seems difficult, it is important to stay composed and provide your lawyer all of the help that he or she needs to get things done as quickly as possible. You are the most important provider of information about your case and your experiences. If you are entirely uncooperative it may become impossible to settle the claim.

To talk to a personal injury lawyer today call: 1-800-563-6348 or contact a personal injury lawyer for answers to your questions during a free no-obligation consultation.

When working with your FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyer there are a few things you can do to make the process of settling your motor vehicle accident or insurance benefits claim easier. Making sure to make the process as simple as possible will benefit you in a number of ways, including faster results and less stress.


How Can Documentation Help With Your Personal Injury Claim?


Make sure to keep copies of any forms you are asked to fill out including medical documents, Ontario Claims Forms, and hospital documents. You should also use a journal to document any discussions you have had with your doctor or therapist, helping to ensure precise recall of the events. Be sure to note the date, time, contact info for those who are helping with your treatment plan, and any prescriptions. Keep the receipts for the services, devices, or other expenses incurred as a result of your injury or care.

What your employer should know while you recover from a personal injury?

Your employer should be informed immediately that you need time to heal. The company that you work for likely provides a program to help you ease back into work depending on doctor’s orders.
Communicating with your employer from the beginning will help to ensure your smooth transition.

You should always update your FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyer with any changes in your condition or new information obtained regarding your case. Don’t delay as this information could be vital to closing your claim.

Never share the details of your claim with anyone besides your personal injury lawyer or those the lawyer has approved. Your FDT Law Injury Lawyer will be able to answer any questions you may have about your case thanks to his or her extensive experience.

When in doubt, talk to your FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are ever in doubt about anything at all contact your FDT Law Personal Injury lawyer for clarification. There is no bigger mistake than delaying an important question because you feel you shouldn’t need to ask. Getting clarification where there is confusion is vital to wrapping up your case as quickly as possible and avoiding mistakes that could impact your ability to collect.

Call FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyers today at 1-800-563-6348 or contact our Personal Injury Lawyers in Midland, Ontario by email to get answers to questions about your case.



Assault & Battery

Our lawyers have assisted people injured in assaults of various types, including sports violence, bar fights, domestic violence, and sexual assault. We understand that a physical attack on your person can leave you with physical and emotional scars and we are committed to dealing with your matter with sensitivity and care to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.


Brain Injury

Our lawyers regularly handle traumatic brain injuries, head concussions, and other head injuries, commonly suffered in motor vehicle accidents, assaults, and types of personal injuries like slip and falls. Brain injuries can be devastating and cause permanent, irreversible damage to the injured person.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Following a serious accident, the greatest concern for an accident victim and their family is to recover from injuries and try to get life back on track. In order to ease that burden, the victim or their family may wish to take legal action to recover the money required to pay for care, assistive devices and therapy, and other damages.


Orthopedic Injury

Orthopedic injuries can result in lifelong changes in function and disability which require care, rehabilitation, and accessibility issues well into later life. FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyers work with a team of medical and rehabilitation professionals and can ensure that your needs are met, legally and medically.


Product Liability

Manufacturers and merchants are responsible for the quality and safety of the products they make and sell. If you have purchased a defective product that has resulted in injury, our lawyers can assist you in recovering damages and compensation, even if the manufacturer is not a Canadian company. 


Psychological/ Emotional Injury

Emotional injuries from trauma can have the same sorts of effects as brain injuries such as cognitive decline, short and long-term memory loss, speech and vision issues. Our lawyers work with a team of medical and rehabilitation professionals and can ensure that your needs are met, legally and medically.


Short & Long Term Disability

When accident victims have questions about getting insurance benefits compensation for their claims, especially what’s fair and reasonable under the circumstances, a personal injury lawyer can help to clarify the terms of your policy. In some cases, you may require some assistance in recovering the maximum benefits under your policy.


Slip & Fall

Slips, trips, and falls happen quickly and can result in broken bones, head trauma, back and neck injuries, and strains and sprains. Our firm has helped many clients recover damages from municipalities, companies, and a variety of property owners whose negligence has resulted in personal injury.


Spinal Cord injury

Spinal Cord injuries result in lifelong changes in function and disability which require care, rehabilitation, and accessibility issues well into later life. FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyers work with a team of medical and rehabilitation professionals and can ensure that your needs are met, legally and medically.


We Can Help

We have the hands-on legal experience, training and education to help protect your rights and resolve your legal issues quickly and fairly. Our team of dedicated lawyers are equipped to help you with a variety of legal issues.

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