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How Long Does A Personal Injury Case Take in Ontario?

One of the most frustrating things for those suffering through a traumatic incident such as a serious car accident, physical assault, or injury caused by a defective product, can be waiting for the settlement of your claim.

The process can be trying for everyone involved, including family members and friends, or maybe your employer is missing you at work and feeling some strain in your absence.  However, in my experience, those enduring physical pain and emotional or psychological injuries are usually most affected, since much of their energy is being dedicated to healing.

It’s important for those who have filed their personal injury or product liability claim to try to remain calm and helpful throughout the process. For someone who may be struggling with both a loss of income and new limitations on your physical abilities it can be hard to remember this.  Being cooperative when completing the required forms, arriving on time to all appointments, and being calm when meeting with your adjuster are ways you can help the process along smoothly.

How Long Does A  Personal Injury Case Take?

Remember that every case is unique. There are many variables that will impact the time frame and final settlement for your settlement such as:

Complexity of the case 

Some cases are straightforward and will settle faster. When the facts are disputed and no one accepts fault, the cases can begin to take longer. When this happens, cases can involve a number of discovery hearings and sometimes require specialists.

The Amount of Damages 

When the damage amounts are high it becomes less likely that an insurance company will pay. In these cases the insurance company may wait to go to trial before paying.

The Extent of Your Injuries 

Depending on your injury, your claim may take longer.  If your injuries are minor such as a soft tissue injury, your case will settle relatively quickly. 

If your injuries are more severe or long-term such as a complex fracture or chronic pain our claim could take longer. 

The Case Load in The Legal System

If there is a backlog in the courts you may need to wait until a judge is available before you get a trial date.

Steps to Take in a Personal Injury Claim

But, if you are working with an Ontario injury lawyer, then you are on the right track.

Our team is going to work hard to understand your needs and bring you a fair settlement. We can and will help you through the process, but you must also take part where you are able. Some simple things you can do to help.

  • Document conversations with adjusters, doctors, and anyone else you see without your lawyer.
  • Keep receipts and copy your Ontario personal injury lawyer on all correspondence. This will also prove to be an effective way to get you to the quickest and fullest settlement possible.
  • Remember, following your accident, you may feel that this is one of the toughest experiences you’ve been through, and many who have experienced the personal and physical challenges following an accident have also felt this way. Be sure to reach out for help if you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed. Our team is in touch with a number of organizations who can  provide you with support.

Even when it seems difficult, it is important to stay composed and provide your lawyer all of the help that he or she needs to get things done as quickly as possible. You are the most important provider of information about your case and your experiences. If you are entirely uncooperative it may become impossible to settle the claim.

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