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FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyers regularly handle traumatic brain injuries, head concussions, and other head injuries, commonly suffered in motor vehicle accidents, assaults, and types of personal injuries like slip and falls. Brain injuries can be devastating and cause permanent, irreversible damage to the injured person. Brain injuries can affect an injured person’s ability to physically and mentally function on a day-to-day basis for the rest of their lives. Brain and head injuries may result in cognitive loss and impairments, speech loss and impairments, memory loss and impairments, and reduced or complete loss of ability to work, care for self, or enjoy life as before the incident. The severity of a brain injury will typically depend on which areas of the brain were injured and how severe the damage is at the injury site. We work with many trusted and respected medical experts and health care professionals that can assist in the litigation process, from assessment to trial. We also work with medical and life planning experts who can provide evidence about the costs of caring for someone with a brain injury now and into the future.

No one would consider going outside during winter in Ontario without a warm jacket and gloves to protect against the cold, but a surprising number of individuals still engage in skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and playing hockey without protecting themselves against potential traumatic brain injury by wearing a helmet.

Often accidents that occur while engaged in recreational pursuits such as skiing, hockey, skating can be the result of the negligence or intentional acts of others.  Sometimes waivers can be involved which may or may not affect your legal rights. Sometimes what looks like a mere accident is really negligence and actionable with a civil claim. 

It is critical to get the appropriate legal and medical advice as soon as possible to protect yourself from the lifelong effects of a brain injury.  The cognitive and emotional changes that occur following a brain injury are very often long-lasting and even permanent and it is imperative that you have a trusted professional to be sure that you and your family have the future taken care of.  An FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyer can take you through the legal process and work with the medical and rehabilitation professionals to be sure that nothing is missed and your future is protected.

Severe brain injuries resulting from ski accidents, snowboarding accidents, and snowmobiling accidents can be devastating and cause permanent, irreversible brain damage to the injured person. A hypoxic brain injury or cerebral hypoxia is a condition that refers to a severe decrease of oxygen supplied to the brain, even though there is sufficient blood flow. This condition may be caused by a blockage in the respiratory tract or airways brought about by conditions such as head trauma.

Being involved with associations serving the needs of victims of spinal cord injury, brain injury, car accidents, and assault and battery cases allows the team to gain a greater understanding of the challenges their clients face, and to assist them further by supporting the organizations that support them to make progress.

Ontario’s injury lawyers help serious brain injury victims to navigate through the confusing maze of personal injury and civil litigation by offering helpful, intelligent answers and as much support and assistance as clients require, so they can feel good about the decisions they are making for their lives and their family’s.

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Brain Injuries may result in:

  • Cognitive impairments
  • Speech impairments
  • Memory loss
  • Reduced or complete loss of ability to work
  • Reduced or complete loss of care for self
  • Reduced enjoyment of life as before the incident


FDT Law’s personal injury lawyers have established strong connections through Ontario’s many communities demonstrated by an extraordinary dedication to a number of community partners and organizations. Some of the organizations the team works with include:

Canadian Paraplegic Association

Ontario Brain Injury Association

Community Living Huronia

Tiny Township Accessibility Advisory Committee

Simcoe County Association For the Physically Disabled

Independent Living Services of Simcoe County

Community Link of North Simcoe

Simcoe County Law Association

Simcoe County Young Professionals Association

Huronia Transition Homes

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