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If you are covered by a short- and long-term disability insurance policy, and you have been injured, you may require some assistance in recovering the maximum benefits under your policy. FDT Law Short & Long Term Disability Lawyers regularly deal with a variety of insurance companies and can help you get the assistance you’ve been promised under your insurance policy. 

Many people carry long-term disability insurance coverage to protect themselves in the event that serious injuries prevent them from being able to return to work and earn an income on their own. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, slip, and fall, or by a defective product, you may be entitled to claim benefits from your long-term disability insurer.

It is important to know that your long-term disability insurance policy can contain limitations you may not be aware of until you have already been injured. Under certain circumstances, your claim may be denied for not being fully compliant with the terms of your policy, or the type of injury you suffer may not be covered in your policy.

When accident victims have questions about getting insurance benefits compensation for their claims, especially what’s fair and reasonable under the circumstances, a personal injury lawyer can help to clarify the terms of your policy. In some cases, you may require some assistance in recovering the maximum benefits under your policy.

FDT Law Short & Long Term Disability Lawyers who specialize in long-term disability claims can tell you know how long you have to file a claim, walk you through the process, and make sure you receive the financial support you need to continue living a healthy, productive life.

FDT Law Short & Long Term Disability Lawyers routinely work with many insurance companies and can help you to get the assistance you’ve been promised under your insurance policy.

It is generally believed that your family doctor, perhaps a family counselor or even a member of the clergy, can’t share personal information about you revealed to them during conversations behind closed doors.

After a serious disability arises you will likely be in contact with several professionals as part of your treatment plan.

The truth, however, is that there are circumstances where a doctor or other professional is bound to share information about you, whether it be for the purposes of a court trial, or in an extreme case, for the safety of yourself or others. There is only one professional who cannot be compelled to disclose information you share with them, and that person is your lawyer.

Your FDT Law Disability Lawyer

You see, once you’ve hired an FDT Law disability lawyer for the purposes of listening to your case and offer advice, no one, not even the courts can require your FDT Law disability lawyer to share the information you have disclosed. It can get tricky here, though. Should you decide to tell your doctor, a co-worker, or anyone else about any conversation you’ve had with your lawyer or solicitor – it is no longer considered to be privileged information and can be used in court.

The moral of the story here is that you are the only person who is actually capable of breaking your solicitor-client privilege, so you must always keep the conversations between yourself and your lawyer, as well as important details of your car accident or another personal injury case to yourself.

The Canadian Bar Association offers more about the history and details of Solicitor and client privilege and confidentiality from the perspective of in-house counsel here.

It is always best to consult with a disability lawyer who will listen to the details of your case and offer ways to help you reach a quick, fair settlement.

Whether the disability claim is related to a head injury, brain injury, or a long-term disability, the client needs to share their story from a personal perspective to show how these injuries have impacted daily life for them.

This knowledge informs and improves the ability to understand and appreciate our client’s interests. Where clients are concerned, they must feel they are able to ask and receive an answer to any question on their mind with respect to the process.
Sometimes, what may feel like a “dumb” question to the client could wind up being the smartest question someone could ask. It tells our FDT Law disability lawyer what they need to understand, so I can guide and advise them through the disability litigation process more effectively.


What qualities should I be looking for in a short term and long term disability lawyer?

Because many disability claims require you to share personal and sometimes very emotional details, you need to be sure you trust your lawyer’s expertise and their ability to handle your claim.

Asking your lawyer to share details of their previous experience with claims like yours, their approach to providing service, and their general philosophy towards disability law, will help establish if they are the right person to represent you.

How long after my application has been denied should I contact a long term disability lawyer?

The province of Ontario has established strict timelines for reporting and filing a claim. Getting in touch with a disability lawyer as soon as possible after your disability application has been denied means you will reduce the risk of forfeiting your right to a claim for disability benefits.

Your short term and long term disability lawyer will be familiar with the time frames and guidelines for reporting and filing a claim.

How do you bill for fees, and can you work with me on payment arrangements if my situation is financially challenging?

Being clear about how you can expect to be billed will allow you to prepare financially for the expenses related to your claim.

Living on a fixed income because of your age or disabilities should not prevent you from seeking benefits you may be entitled to.

Many personal injury claims will be accepted on a contingency fee basis, which means that legal fees will be recovered as a percentage of any settlement.

For payment of ongoing disbursements and any legal fees billed on an hourly basis, we are generally willing to work out a regular payment schedule that fits within our client’s budget.

What should I bring to my first consultation?

Our lawyers will dedicate enough time during your first consultation to understand the details of your claim, and to get to know you as a client.

Arriving with the following information will help your lawyer to better understand your case:

the details of your insurance coverage, including the name of your insurance company, your policy number and the name of your insurance agent or adjuster;
the names and contact information of your doctors and other health care providers, and a list of hospitals where you have received treatment for your injury;
photo identification.

Short and Long Term Disability results in:

  • Rehabilitation and treatment issues
  • Job disruption and retraining
  • Psychological stress and disability
  • Impairment of ability to perform activities of normal living
  • Issues with friend and family relationships

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