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In many cases of personal injury, one of the most traumatic parts of the accident or incident is not the physical injury, but the enduring emotional scars left by the experience of being in a car accident, assaulted, or simply the fact of being unable to continue on with your normal activities and lifestyle as a result of your injury. Many of our clients experience a variety of psychological and emotional effects, such as anxiety and depression, with significant consequences for them and their loved ones. Our lawyers understand the emotional upheaval caused by an injury and we will assist you in recovering damages and compensation for the emotional harm you have suffered as a result of your injury.

Working with an FDT Law Psychological Injury Lawyer means that you have someone to listen to you and guide you through the process of recovery and seeking compensation for your orthopedic injury.

Emotional and Psychological injuries like trauma-induced post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression can result in life-long changes in function and disability which require care, rehabilitation, and accessibility issues well into later life. 

FDT Law Personal Injury Lawyers work with a team of medical and rehabilitation professionals and can ensure that your needs are met, legally and medically.

Emotional injuries from trauma can have the same sorts of effects as brain injuries. Cognitive decline, short and long-term memory loss, speech and vision issues are all possible symptoms and effects related and seen as stemming from a psychological injury.

FDT Law Injury Lawyers have community connections and resources they can draw on to assist you at every step of your transition from urgent care to rehabilitation to return to your community.

Psychological injuries can result in employment issues that are long-lasting, from income loss to job accommodation to job retraining and FDT Law Personal Injury lawyers work with psychologists, psychiatrists, economists, accountants, and occupational therapy experts that can assist your reentry into the workplace or your journey to a new career. And at the end of your journey, FDT Law Injury Lawyers will find the right professionals to document and prove the life-changing effects to a court. Call FDT Law today at 1-800-563-6348.

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