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Summertime Pool and Swimming Safety

One more week to go!  School aged kids will soon be free of teachers and books – with lots of free time on their hands for fun and relaxation.  With the soaring temperatures and humidity this week across southern Ontario, some of this extra time will no doubt be spent cooling off in lakes and pools.

Avoiding Swimming Accidents

Swimming Safety in MidlandSpending time in and around the water is a great and popular way to enjoy our Ontario summers.  However, water activities are not without their risks.  Knowing and reviewing these risks with your children, family and guests, will help to keep everyone safe this summer.

Here is a summary of some water safety tips as outlined by the Canadian Red Cross on their website:

  • Learn to swim

  • Don’t go beyond your swimming abilities and know your limitations

  • Be aware of currents and changing weather patterns when swimming in the ocean or lakes

  • Supervise children at all times

  • Fence backyard pools and ensure gates have self-locking latches

  • Tell your guests about the pool rules

Occupiers’ Liability Act

If you have a backyard pool, you have the obligation to ensure it is safe for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.  This duty is set out in the Occupiers’ Liability Act and states that as the occupier of the premises, you have a duty to ensure that your premises are reasonably safe for persons entering the premises – in other words, anybody who is at your house.  That is why it is so important to have a fence and self-locking gate, when you have non-swimmers and young children at your home.   If someone is injured in a swimming accident in your pool, you may be held liable for damages if you haven’t taken reasonable steps to ensure their safety.

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