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More than just bad luck – what to do when you need to sue after an accident in Ontario

On Friday the thirteenth, you can’t help but think about your luck. Whether you are superstitious or not, accidents can happen any time and any place.

Today, we will share a few of our previous posts offering advice on taking legal action after a serious personal injury, or for damage or loss to your property.

Trip and fall accidents

Property owners and property occupiers are responsible for keeping their property or premises safe for users. If they have failed to maintain a property or premises and you are injured, you may be entitled to recover damages for your injury from the property owner or occupier. Property owners and occupiers often have insurance that victims can access to receive financial compensation and help them manage the short-term and long-term effects of their injuries. Our firm has helped many clients recover damages from municipalities, companies and a variety of property owners whose negligence has resulted in personal injury. If you are injured in a slip/trip and fall or other incident, we can help you.

How to pursue a car accident claim in Ontario

Many clients have already given a written or verbal statement to either their own auto insurance company or a defendant auto insurance company by the time they contact a lawyer about pursuing a car accident claim in Ontario. In many cases, the contents of that statement can affect your future lawsuit.

If requested, you will be required to give a statement to the insurance company that you are claiming accident benefits from. It is usually a good idea to have an Ontario injury lawyer present for this because a lawyer can make sure that you only answer questions that are relevant to your claims for accident benefits and that you are not answering questions that could be detrimental to a lawsuit you intend to bring.

Read more about pursuing a car accident claim in Ontario

What if my insurance company won’t cover damages from fire or flood?

Experiencing damage or loss of your home or cottage due to fire or flood can be inconvenient at best, and devastating at its worst. Home and cottage property losses can take an emotional toll as well as a financial one. When these situations occur, most people count on their insurance policies to help recoup the costs of restoring and replacing property losses.

After you’ve suffered a property loss, having an insurance lawyer review your policy and any offers of compensation before signing off is the best way to ensure you are fully compensated according to your contract of insurance. In some cases, an insurance provider may refuse to honour an Ontario property damage claim, leaving you in a situation where you may have to resort to legal action in order to seek compensation. More information on insurance litigation in Ontario .

Ontario’s injury lawyers specialize in personal injury and civil litigation matters including serious car accidents, slip and fall accidents, product liability and insurance litigation. We can answer you questions, and help you to get fair compensation for your claim.

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