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Slips, trips and falls- Preventing personal injury on your property this autumn

Chances are the arrival of cooler weather means you’re already paying closer attention to the exterior of your house.  This is the time  of year when any outdoor repairs you may have been putting off become a priority in order to prepare for the  winter. When you are a homeowner, cleaning up, clearing the clutter and making small repairs is an important part of preparing your property for the change in seasons.

Tips to avoid personal injury on your property

Being diligent about property maintenance helps protect your visitors from potential dangers, and yourself from potential lawsuits, should someone happen to suffer an accident while on your property, such as a trip and fall.

Slips, trips and falls can  happen quickly and may  result in significant personal injuries leaving victims unable to return to work or their other regular activities.

If you are a property owner in physical possession of the property, your are responsible to take steps to make sure visitors are reasonably safe while on your property.  Here are some tips to help prevent accidents on your property:

  • Talk a walk around the exterior of your property, looking for and removing any  tripping hazards.
  • Carefully inspect your driveway, walkways and any exterior steps.  Look for uneven surfaces, crumbling concrete or other tripping hazards.  Test any railings to ensure they are secure.  Make any necessary repairs.
  • Repair leaky eavestroughs to prevent dripping or pooling water that can later turn to ice.
  • Look for decaying trees or branches.  These may present a falling hazard and may need to be removed.

Negligent property maintenance can result in personal injury lawsuits

Failure to maintain a property or premises can result in conditions where slips, trips and falls become more likely. If you are  injured due to someone’s negligence in maintaining a safe property, an Ontario injury lawyer can help find out if you may be entitled to recover damages for your injury from the  occupier.

Learn more about the criteria for determining whether the steps you take will be meet the appropriate standard of care by  reading our previous post called  “Slips trips and falls resulting in personal injury more likely under icy conditions

Ontario’s injury lawyers, are experts in personal injury and civil litigation claims. Find out how a personal injury lawyer can help you after a slip trip or fall


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