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Perspectives On Practicing Personal Injury Law In Small Town Midland, Ontario

Mark Baker Personal Injury Lawyer Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation Mark Baker, partner at Ferguson Barristers LLP, shares his personal insights on representing personal injury, insurance claims and disability claims in Midland and across the province of Ontario.


Representing Ontario Accident Victims Needs

My father was a small town doctor. My own skills and inclinations lead me to a different profession, but  growing up in small towns gave me an appreciation for meeting clients in their homes and offices. I enjoy that it lets me gain a better sense of the person I am representing on a personal level. I think my father found a similar satisfaction when visiting patients in his practice.

Over time my own practice has grown into offering the primary services I now offer in personal injury,insurance claims and disability claims. This varied experience has given me perspective on how clients experience personal injury litigation in many forms and provided me with an appreciation of the forces being brought to bear on people as they go through the litigation process.

This is particularly useful when people come to me who have been caught in the gap between their needs and an insurer’s bottom line.

Questions about Insurance and Disability Claims?

Whether the personal injury claim is related to a head injury, brain injury or a long term disability, the client needs to share their story from a personal perspective to show how these injuries have impacted daily life for them.

I believe that this knowledge informs and improves my ability to to understand and appreciate my client’s interests. Where my clients are concerned, they must feel they are able to ask and receive an answer to any question on their mind with respect to the process.

Sometimes, what may feel like a “dumb” question to the client could wind up being the smartest question someone could ask. It tells me what they need to understand, so I can guide and advise them through the personal injury litigation process more effectively.

Benefits of Having a Law Practice In Georgian Bay, Ontario

With my wife, we have raised two sons here. When I’m away from the office, weather and time permitting, I enjoy windsurfing in the Georgian Bay area and in Midland, Ontario. I enjoy most forms of music and film and have begun trying my hand at photography. One of the best things about my practice and Ferguson Barristers’ referral network is that it takes me to parts of Ontario that I’d otherwise not see. I’m looking forward to being able to document some of the things I see as I travel to meet the lawyers in our referral network.

If you have questions about insurance claims, personal injury litigation or disability claims, I would be happy to answer all of your questions. Contact me for a free legal consultation.


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