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How can a Paralegal help with my Ontario personal injury case?

After suffering a serious accident, there are many details to be considered and a great deal of administration to be undertaken while you are healing and getting back on track. Seeking compensation for your injuries can be a process that can require a great deal of your time and energy to administer. Within our firm, we have been able to create an efficient system that can save time and money for the client over the long run, by encouraging clients to use the services of our paralegal team.

A licensed paralegal in Ontario can help reduce the cost of your personal injury lawsuit

A licensed Ontario paralegal can assist with your case and help to reduce the expense of managing your personal injury lawsuit. Just like our Ontario Injury lawyers they are governed by the  Paralegal Rules of Conduct by the Law Society of Upper Canada. The Law Society of Upper Canada became responsible for regulating the paralegal profession as a result of amendments to the Law Society Act brought about by Bill 14 on May 1st, 2007. These regulatory bodies allow us to offer clients peace of mind knowing that our team is professional, recognized and working daily with a personal injury lawyer or certified specialist in civil litigation to bring a swift and satisfactory resolution to your claim.

Finding a paralegal in Ontario for your personal injury case

You can confirm if your paralegal is a licensed professional by checking the LSUC website here:
Law society directory of licensed lawyers and paralegals

A  thorough, detail oriented and professional paralegal can help reduce the cost of your personal injury or civil litigation lawsuit, and can perform the following tasks to facilitate your case:

  • administration of documents
  • coordinate activities, timelines and meetings
  • help to settle insurance claims for smaller amounts
  • ensure all of your documents are properly submitted

When hiring a paralegal, making sure they work within and operate under a lawyer’s supervision can save you time and ensures that your case is being observed throughout the process by an experienced lawyer as well. This system has proven time and again to be effective and rewarding for our clients.

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