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How Can Your Ontario Injury Lawyer Help Determine the Value of Your Civil Litigation Settlement?

The process through which the value of your claim is determined is fraught with complications. Having the expertise of an Ontario Injury Lawyer to help work through that maze is essential if you are going file a claim for the right amount. Carefully determining the value of your claim requires the consideration of many factors and requires extensive education and experience.

What Factors Determine Your Claim Settlement?

Your claim settlement will be determined by your current earnings, potential for future earnings, and your current lifestyle. These factors will be assessed in order to determine the amount of financial loss suffered as a result of your personal injury and used in your civil litigation.
For instance, imagine that a college student was severely injured by a faulty product. Product liability dictates that the manufacturer will be held liable for loss of future earnings as well as current earnings. But to calculate these potential earnings one must factor many variables into the equation, some of which include grade point average, average salary in that field, job market conditions, and current lifestyle. And you will likely be surprised to find that the victim’s parents’ education and lifestyle also come into effect. It is almost impossible to properly value the claim without the help of a trained personal injury lawyer.

What Can You Do to Help Your Ontario Injury Lawyer?

You will need to provide a fair amount of information to your Ontario injury lawyer to guarantee a proper claim settlement. Contact a personal injury lawyer today if you haven’t yet done so. The sooner you start the process of filing a proper claim the better. Your lawyer will be able to collect the proper information needed to guarantee a proper settlement amount. Please don’t delay, as your ability for a fair claim settlement is at risk.

You can contact an Ontario injury lawyer today by calling 1-800-563-6348 or contact a  personal injury lawyer in Ontario through this site.

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