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Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Manual

Are you a physiotherapist, doctor or other health care professional who treats patients who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario?  If you are, Ontario’s Injury Lawyers have developed a resource to help you assist your patients with obtaining medical and rehabilitation benefits as they work their way through the no-fault system.

Click here to review and download a copy of Ferguson Barristers’ “Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Manual for Health Care Professionals”.  This Manual has been updated to reflect the major changes to the no-fault system introduced in September of 2010, including the introduction of the Minor Injury Guidelines.

Topics covered in this updated Manual include:

  • Maximum Limits for Medical Benefits available for your Patients
  • Steps to take following an accident to apply for Insurance-Funded treatment
  • How and when the Minor Injury Guideline (MIG) applies to your Patients
  • Where your Patients should send their Application Forms
  • Critical Deadlines and Limitation Periods for your Patients

Although this Manual is primarily designed as a tool to assist HealthCare Professionals, car accident victims will find the Manual a useful overview of the process by which they can obtain insurance funded treatment for their injuries, whether they are relatively minor, like a sprained ankle, or more serious injuries like fractures or even spinal cord injuries. As well, car accident victims will find the sections on FAQ as well as Additional Resources particularly informative.

We trust this Manual will be a useful tool for health care professionals and their patients.  Of course, any of our lawyers would be pleased to speak with you directly if you have any questions or require further information.  Contact us toll-free at 800-563-6348 or send us an email.

Note:  This Manual does not provide legal advice and is intended to provide general information only.

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