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A Legal Workshop for Young Adults and their Parents

Once you turn 18, you are considered to be an adult, at least in the eyes of the law. As a young adult, you, and your parents, may have some questions about what this transition into adulthood means for various legal matters.

Workshop on November 12th

On November 12th, Rachel Leck will be conducting a workshop at Collier St. United Church in Barrie to provide information and answer questions about legal issues for Young Adults. This workshop is offered by the Faith Formation Committee of Northern Waters Presbytery.

Rachel Leck practices personal injury and civil litigation as an associate with Ferguson Barristers. Rachel is an active community member and is the current Chairperson on the Board of Huronia Transition Homes.

What will I learn?

Topics to be canvassed at this upcoming Workshop include:

⇒ Entering into a Contract
⇒ New Tenant Information
⇒ What documentation should be prepared when you turn 18
⇒ Insurance issues

For further information or to register for this informative session, visit the “What’s New” page on the Northern Waters Presbytery website and scroll down to the Legal Issues subtitle.

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