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Leaving a Peaceful Legacy – Dealing with a Contested Will in Ontario

While the expression goes, “there’s one in every family”, the divisive nature of a family conflict over a will or estate can result in some members alienating themselves out of hurt or anger. Some may refuse to participate in the process of settling a will or estate, and others still may fail to communicate their thoughts or opinions altogether out of fear of making a difficult situation worse. If this sounds like your family, you are not alone.

Contested wills in Ontario are not uncommon and can be resolved with an experienced Ontario lawyer’s help

Following the loss of a loved one, emotions can run high for some family members, and old hurts can return as anger while someone is grieving. It is this emotional turmoil that can set the stage for disputes about what family members feel they are entitled to from a will or estate, during a time when it may be hard for those who are dealing with a loss in their own way, to be objective.

How an Ontario Wills and Estates lawyer can help you and your family

We’re experts at litigation for wills and estates. Our  experienced Ontario Estate Lawyers will be objective and listen to your concerns, explain how the law relates to your families situation and help you manage to come to an agreement as quickly and fairly as possible. Here is what our team can do for you:

  • Analyze the estate issues
  • Manage family dynamics
  • Negotiate a fair and agreeable solution
  • Resolve any lasting conflicts or disputes that may arise during the process of settling a loved one’s estate or last testament

We have experience in:

  • Interpreting and challenging a will, if necessary
  • Answering questions regarding Powers of Attorney or personal capacity and care
  • Contesting estate litigation proceedings
  • Answering questions regarding the responsibilities and obligations of an estate executor or trustee
  • Making claims against estates or the executors and trustees of these estates.

Few of us like to think about what will happen after we die. Even fewer want to think about what will happen if our family members wind up in some type of dispute over our property or assets after we die.  If you or your family are dealing with concerns surrounding a will or estate, we welcome your questions and can listen to your situation to help make sure you see the best possible outcome for your family’s situation.

Preparing your own will?
Our previous post offers advice for you when preparing your will to prevent potential conflicts:


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