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How General Law Practitioners Can Offer Personal Injury and Civil Litigation Law Services To Clients

As a general law practitioner in a small Ontario community, your client may one day require the services of a personal injury lawyer or civil litigation specialist. Instead of sending your client to another firm, consider the option of joining our referring lawyer network to offer those services and retain the primary relationship with your client.

Why work with a Referral Network?

Ferguson Barristers LLP’s referral network brings an experienced team of Ontario injury lawyers, including certified specialists in civil litigation to work with clients right in your office. Ferguson Barristers’ lawyers have the expertise required to handle a variety of legal matters, including car accident and motor vehicle accident claims, traumatic brain injury and long term disability claims, insurance claims, wills and estates litigation and real estate litigation. Our lawyers work with solo practitioners and small firms across Ontario to assist clients in suing for damages in various types of claims. If you are a solo or small firm lawyer, the referral network offers you the following benefits:

  • You receive a referral fee in accordance with LSUC rules
  • Our lawyers travel to your client, and provide service in your office or home community
  • You retain the primary relationship with your client for non-litigation matters

How the referral system works

Ontario lawyers who wish to offer personal injury and civil litigation services with a reputable and established firm can do so through the referring lawyer network established by Ferguson Barristers LLP.  An added benefit of working with us is that we refer within our referring lawyer network when our own clients need legal services that we don’t generally provide, such as commercial work, drafting of wills and estates, real estate transactions, family law and criminal matters.

The network operates under a referral fee arrangement, and has been successful in bringing many personal injury and civil litigation cases to a fair resolution.

If you are interested in more information , or would like to join the Ontario referring lawyer network, contact us today. To learn more about referring lawyer relationships and referral fees, read Ontario’s Injury Lawyers three-part series on referral fees written by Michael Laplante:

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