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How insurance companies are responding to tornado devastation in Ontario

Ontario residents have faced an unprecedented week of natural disaster. Earlier this week, the beautiful community of Goderich, Ontario was devastated by damage from a tornado.

Several areas experienced effects of an earthquake and across Ontario tornado watches were issued yesterday.  It has been an uncertain and scary week for many, and it is our hope that those who have experienced the disaster first hand are able to get the assistance they need to get life back to normal as soon as possible.

Ontario Injury Lawyers can provide help with insurance claims

Our team of Ontario Injury Lawyers is experienced in handling insurance claims concerns and has the knowledge  to understand what your policy covers in the event of a disaster, including fire or flooding of your home or business. We are able to listen to your story, answer your questions and assess what action you will need to take next in order to receive the fullest possible settlement to be able to rebuild with.

For this reason we’d like to help provide some of the most recent information available, including where you can call for answers and what you can expect to be covered by your insurance following a tornado.  The following article was posted on Canadian Underwriter.ca and explains how Ontario insurance companies are preparing to respond to the resulting property damage and loss claims.

Canadian insurance industry responds to Goderich tornado

As posted on Canadian Underwriter.ca  2011-08-23

The Canadian insurance industry is springing to action in the wake of the F3 tornado that devastated the Southwestern, Ontario town of Goderich on Aug. 21.

Companies and associations are releasing statements detailing their respective activity in the area affected by the storm.

Crawford & Company (Canada) adjusters in the area, along with Crawford’s National Catastrophe (CAT) team, are on stand by preparing for the influx of claims expected to result from this event, a Crawford release says.

Crawford’s Global Technical Services adjusters are also prepared to assist with any large complex property losses resulting from the tornado.

Cunningham Lindsey Canada Claims Services Ltd. also has adjusters on the ground in the area, responding to calls.

“It’s absolute devastation,” said Brad Arnold, CLC’s local adjuster in the area. “There is extensive damage to a large percentage of businesses in and leading to the town square. Homes from the lake (Huron) to the east end were directly in the path of the tornado and were devastated as well. Some businesses and homes will be repaired, some will not. Debris removal will continue for days and many businesses will not be accessible due to safety.”

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario also issued a statement, encouraging affected consumers to contact their local insurance broker to discuss their situation, to call IBAO directly at 1-800-268-8845 for more information.

IBAO added that most standard insurance policies cover the perils of tornadoes and hurricanes, and lightening and hail are classified as named perils.

What will my insurance policy cover in the event of a tornado in Ontario?

In a related release, Insurance Bureau of Canada issued a statement with reminders for consumers in the wake of such a storm.

They include:

•Most debris and business insurance policies will cover damage caused by wind, including broken windows and removal of debris;
•Auto policies cover wind damage if comprehensive coverage has been purchased;
•Marine insurance policies will usually cover damage to boats from wind;
•Homeowner’s and tenant’s policies usually provide coverage for additional living expenses if a home is uninhabitable.

“First and foremost, those affected should ensure they and their families are safe,” said Ralph Palumbo, vice president, Ontario, IBC. “The property damage to homes and personal property, businesses and public buildings is extensive. Ontario’s home, car and business insurers will be there to help residents and businesses recover from this disaster.”

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