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What Happens on Facebook – Stays in Ontario Courtrooms- How to Protect Your Online Privacy

I was brought up to believe that sharing is a good thing to do. More often than not, it still is. That said, social media sites such as Facebook have created a world in which we share more than ever before. Pictures, our day to day activities, our relationship status and conversations with others are now being shared with hundreds of our “friends” online every day on Facebook and other networks.

For car accident victims, or anyone wishing to make an insurance claim or claim for accident benefits, all of this sharing can potentially impact your case if the statements and images you share online are relevant to your lawsuit.

Protecting the Privacy of Car Accident and Catastrophic Accident Victims in Ontario

For example, someone who is trying to make a claim for compensation for disability, may negatively impact their case by posting photographs of themselves engaging in physical activities that might suggest their abilities are beyond what they have stated in their claim.

The fact that you may have attempted kayaking just one time, only to return home in significant pain does not come across in an image. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Her are a few ways to protect your online privacy if you are the victim of a serious personal injury:

  • Avoid discussing your condition, treatment or details of your accident online. This includes posting comments and responding to posted questions.
  • Do not post any images or photos relating to your accident or condition.
  • Do not share any aspect of any conversation that you may have had with your lawyer or doctors.
  • Do not allow your self to be tagged in photos, posts or check ins on other people’s Facebook pages or social networks.
  • Adjust your privacy settings in your account to ensure that your information is only visible to friends you have approved. While the page settings can change frequently, here is a recent post with some good guidelines on  How to secure your privacy settings on Facebook
  • Remember to exercise common sense. Your legal matters, just like banking and your health are not open for public discussion unless you choose to share that information. This is one time when refusing to share – is a good thing to do.

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