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Crash fees introduced in Orillia, Ontario proposed for Barrie car accidents

Car accidents will cost visitors in Orillia, Ontario

On March 30, 2011, it was reported by Simoce.com that Orillia City council made the decision that non-residents involved in motor vehicle accidents in Orillia, Ontario will pay $410 per vehicle per hour when a fire truck responds.

A motor vehicle accident could include car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, recreational vehicle accidents, pedestrian or bike accidents, and accidents involving public transit or transportation vehicles. The scope of this category of accident means that there is a great number of people who could be affected by these charges.

Barrie, Ontario considers crash fees

The issue of “crash taxes” has been a topic of debate in other Ontario cities, as well. Recently Barrie city council gave initial approval to a contract with Ontario’s transportation ministry (MTO) to access data on provincial drivers, so they can be billed for fire department response.
Crash fees proposed for Barrie, Ontario

Some business owners are concerned that the fees will discourage visitors from coming to their town to spend money. Car accident victims, however, should be able to recover these fees from their insurer. Under the Ontario Automobile Policy insurers are required to pay fire department charges that a person is legally required to pay.
You can learn more about resolving insurance disputes in Ontario in our previous blog post.

Drivers who travel to different municipalities in vehicles for their jobs, may have questions surrounding who will foot the bill if they are involved in an on-the-job car accident in a town with “crash fees”.

Being injured in a serious car accident can be further complicated by the additional costs associated with municipal accident response fees.

Your Ontario injury lawyer can help explain what compensation you may be eligible for, and what your rights are if you are involved in an out-of-town accident.


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