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Get To Know Our Newest Associate, Daniel Fiorini

Daniel came to the practice of law after a lengthy career in the construction industry, where he had been working since finishing high school. His first job was as a labourer, and as time went on and he gained more knowledge and experience, (including graduating from the Civil Engineering Technology program at Humber College) he advanced through many different roles. Eventually, he became a partner in an industrial/commercial/institutional general contracting firm completing several million dollars of work annually.

Daniel then took a position with the Construction Safety Association of Ontario in the technical services area. This was a research and development role intended to improve work practices in the industry from a safety perspective. He worked extensively with industry specialists from the Ministry of Labour to ensure that the practices developed, dovetailed into the Occupational Health and Safety Act. That working relationship piqued his lifelong interest in the legal profession, and in 2009 he was accepted to Osgoode Hall Law School.

As any law student knows, law school is a challenge, and it was certainly no different for Daniel. Daniel does not have an undergraduate degree and was accepted to Osgoode through their mature student application process, so the entire university experience was new for him. Daniel’s  daughter had just started high school and his son was in grade 7, and he very often found himself helping them with their homework after school before he could get to his own.

One thing that Daniel believed would help him keep up was to maintain as high a level of fitness.  This led Daniel to Daniel reading and researching while on either a treadmill or stationary bicycle. The completely unplanned and unexpected fringe benefit of that method of studying was that his fitness improved to the point where he met the qualifying standards for the York University varsity cross country and track & field teams. Daniel competed for the York Lions in several track and cross country events in my time at Osgoode, and he believes he has the distinction of being the oldest athlete to qualify for and compete in the OUA provincial championships when he raced in the 3,000m final at 49 years old.

After completing his articles, Daniel was called to the Bar in 2013, and in the fall of that year was introduced to Carolyn L. Jones, a sole practitioner in Barrie. She was looking to retire from practice and agreed to bring Daniel in and start a gradual transition. By early 2014, Daniel was on his own and has maintained that practice ever since. In the fall of 2019, Daniel relocated the practice from Barrie to  Schomberg, where it has continued to grow and evolve.  The main focus of Daniel’s practice remains Wills and Estates, and he also handles the real estate component of estate files when necessary. Daniel also practices corporate/commercial and contract law.

Daniel will be engaged in the same areas of practice with FDT in the Innisfil office, and we rare extremely happy to have him as a part of our team.


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