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Manufacturers and merchants have a duty to the public, and specifically to their customers, to ensure the products they produce are safe for use and consumption. While many rules and regulations exist to ensure products are built and produced according to safety standards to prevent harm to consumers, manufacturing errors are common enough occurrences.

Additionally, there can be faults in the manufacturing of a product that impacts an entire batch, or simply a single final product. Regardless, the manufacturers are charged with ensuring the products they sell are capable of being used for their advertised purpose without causing injury to the consumer.

Personal injuries caused by malfunctioning or damaged products can often be traced to a manufacturer’s oversight or negligence. Depending on the type of injury, ranging from a personal injury to wrongful death, and circumstances surrounding the injury, these losses can form the basis of a product liability claim. The production of dangerous products or failure to detect a defect in a product may be a way to recover from losses associated with a personal injury.

Product liability is a broad area of law, but at its core, the aim is to protect consumers from dangerous products and to hold manufacturers and merchants accountable for failing to take appropriate steps to ensure consumer safety. Defective products are a common occurrence, two prevalent examples of this are food and motor vehicle recalls. Such recalls are important to protect against dangerous products, however not all products are caught in time, and others are not discovered until a person has already become seriously injured because of a dangerous product.

Manufacturers and merchants are responsible for the quality and safety of the products they make and sell. If you have purchased a defective product that has resulted in injury, our law firm can assist you in recovering damages and compensation, even if the manufacturer is not a Canadian company. When a product fails to deliver on its promises or causes injury as a result of being defective, you can count on our civil litigation specialists to bring a quick and satisfactory resolution to your claim. Call FDT Law today at 1-800-563-6348 and book a free consultation to discuss whether you may have a product liability claim.

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