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Help Keep Trick-or-Treaters Safe this Hallowe’en

Beware – witches, goblins and fairy princesses will be out prowling the streets in a few days time looking for some sweet treats! Excited children of all ages will be running around our neighbourhoods and will be greeted at our doorsteps by grinning jack-o’-lanterns and other frightful creatures. Neighbourhoods will be transformed into scary, moonlit places for an evening of fun and fantasy.

5 Tips to stay safe this Hallowe’en

Unfortunately, reduced visibility, wet roads and walkways on rainy evenings and distracted children can sometimes result in trip and fall accidents or even, pedestrian and car accidents.

Ontario’s Injury Lawyers offer the following tips for you to consider to try and keep trick-or-treaters safe this Hallowe’en:

  • If at all possible, avoid driving in densely populated neighbourhoods after dusk, on Hallowe’en night;
  • If you must drive, reduce your speed and be alert for the increased numbers of pedestrians on the roadways;
  • Homeowners and tenants, make sure your property is well lit and clear of any tripping hazards;
  • Parents and guardians, be sure your child’s costume is short enough to avoid tripping and that they are able to see clearly from behind their  costume. Consider using face make-up rather than masks, which may significantly obstruct a child’s vision;
  • Trick-or-treaters should carry a light source like a flashlight or have reflective material, either as part of their costume or as their Hallowe’en bag, in order to increase their visibility.

Following these tips will help keep everyone safe on this fun and frightful night. Happy trick-or-treating!

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