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Five Tips to Make the Most of a Call to Your Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer

How to get the most out of a call to your Ontario personal injury lawyer


Making the decision to contact an Ontario Injury Lawyer as soon as possible after a catastrophic car accident is a wise one. There are important timelines and limitation periods that can affect your eligibility to make a claim for accident benefits.  The process of determining if you are eligible, and then gaining compensation requires open lines of communication between yourself and your lawyer.

To ensure the best possible outcome for your case, you will need to keep track of important details about your accident, in order to share the information with your lawyer.  The following tips offer information that you should have handy, or be prepared to share in order to make the most of a phone call to your Ontario personal injury lawyer’s office.

Five tips for clients when calling the office:

  • Know who your lawyer is so the receptionist can direct your call accordingly
  • Have your file number handy. You can find this number on all correspondence you receive from our office.
  • Have a pen and paper with you and take notes so you remember the details of the call.
  • Have all of your questions written down and ready to ask the lawyer or their staff. If you have important updates to give us, write that down as well so you don’t forget to pass along any details.

If you need to leave a message, be sure to state your full name, file number, where you can be reached and a short message about the nature of your call.

Your Ontario personal injury lawyer will respect your privacy, and listen to your concerns

Being prepared for communications with your lawyer can help make sure that the important details of your case receive careful attention and that nothing gets overlooked. Your Ontario personal injury lawyer will always respect your privacy and confidentiality during your meetings, and will listen to all of  your concerns.

You can contact one of our Ontario Injury Lawyers today to discuss your serious car accident or accident benefits claim.



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