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“Spring Thaw” Water Damage

“Don’t make me laugh” is probably what most readers think when they read the first part of that title.  Given the mounds of snow still littering Barrie and areas northward together with the frigid temperatures that we can’t seem to shake, I can’t say that I blame them.  Rest assured, at some point this spring (or summer!), the snow will melt, the grass will sprout and we will be out mucking around in our gardens.

Melting Snow

Melting snow and ice means lots of water – good for the water levels in Georgian Bay, good for our lawns, good for our gardens – but a potential problem for home and cottage owners, should the water find its way indoors, either through the basement or the roof.  Despite your best efforts, given the large amounts of snow on our properties this winter, it may be that people who don’t usually have water problems will encounter this headache this spring.

Homeowner’s Policy

If you have a homeowner’s policy of insurance, you may assume that your insurance will cover any damage caused by the spring runoff, including any damaged personal items, furniture, carpets etc..  But, is that the case?

In general terms, water damage caused by melting snow and ice is not going to be covered by a homeowner’s policy – regardless of whether it is a basic or comprehensive policy.  However, in some comprehensive policies, you may have coverage for water damage caused by the accumulation of ice or snow on your roof.  Furthermore, many instances of water damage caused by other factors (for e.g. the escape of water from a water main) will usually be covered by a homeowner’s policy.

Contact Ontario’s Injury Lawyers

If you have an unfortunate water damage incident this spring and your insurance company refuses to pay, a careful reading of the terms of your insurance policy is critical in determining your rights.  The lawyers at Ferguson Barristers have the experience to evaluate your policy to ensure you receive the maximum entitlements available under your insurance.  Contact us today toll free at 1.800.563.6348 or by clicking here for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our lawyers.

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