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Skiing and Snowboarding Time in Barrie, Ontario

The flurries outside your window mean different things to different people.  Kids (and kids at heart) relish the thought of spending hours playing in the snow, making snow forts and having snowball fights.  Snowmobile enthusiasts can’t wait for the snow to pile up so they can hit the trails.  For downhill skiers and snowboarders in Ontario, the wait to hit the slopes is finally over.

Alpine Skiing Open in Ontario

At last check, and according to the Ontario Snow Resorts Association website, four alpine resorts, including two in and around the Barrie area, are now open for business.  Undoubtedly the number of open resorts and runs will continue to climb as we get closer to the holidays.  There is nothing quite like that first run of the season to remind you about the joys of outdoor activity in the wintertime in Ontario.

Safety Tips

Before you head back to the slopes, its important to remind yourself, and your family, about some basic safety tips to help avoid personal injuries on the ski hill.  As outlined on the Canadian Ski Council website these tips include the following:

  1. always stay in control on the slopes and be comfortable with the trail you choose to ski
  2. never sit or stand in the middle of a trail
  3. obey signs regarding closed trails
  4. if unfamiliar with ski lifts, ask an operator for assistance

As well, everyone who is on the slopes should be aware of and follow the Alpine Responsibility Code.

Wear a Helmet

In addition to following these safety tips, and as outlined by Dr. Rob on the Canadian Ski Council website, wearing a helmet specifically designed for skiing or snowboarding may help reduce the risk of certain types of head injuries.  Parents can take the lead here by wearing a helmet and insisting their children do the same.

Enjoy these first few weeks of skiing and boarding – and keep safe!

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