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Midland, Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers Supporting Accident Victims With Community Partners

Ferguson Barristers LLP became part of the Midland, Ontario professional community when founder Rod Ferguson established the practice to respond to the personal injury and civil litigation needs of the small community. Since that time, the local practice has grown to a team of  seven personal injury lawyers and civil litigation specialists and a network of referring lawyers that serve 35 Ontario communities.

Support for brain injury, spinal cord injury and car accident victims

Being involved with associations serving the needs of victims of spinal cord injury, brain injury, car accidents, and assault and battery cases allows the team to gain a greater understanding of the challenges their clients face, and to assist them further by supporting the organizations that support  them to make progress.

The Ontario personal injury lawyers have established a strong connection to Midland and several other Simcoe County, Ontario communities, demonstrated by an extraordinary dedication to a number of community partners and organizations. The personal injury lawyers provide service and expertise as part of their ongoing commitment to the community. Some of the organizations the team works with include:

Ontario’s injury lawyers help serious accident victims to  navigate through the confusing maze of personal injury and civil litigation by offering helpful, intelligent answers and as much support and assistance as clients require, so they can feel good about the decisions they are making for their lives and their family’s.

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