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When being fired is wrongful dismissal – Understanding Ontario Employment Law

In our practice, we have helped many clients who have come to us after losing their job with concerns about what to do next. Employment laws in Ontario have been put in place to help protect workers from being let go or fired from their jobs unfairly, or without cause. Unfortunately, there are times when  employers fail to adhere to these laws, resulting in a stressful outcome for the employee who has lost their job.

Our  Ontario employment lawyers have been able to help clients gain a better understanding of how these laws apply to them, and help them to gain fair settlements when it has been shown that they were wrongfully dismissed. The following Ontario Injury Lawyer blog posts can help you to better understand how an Ontario Employment lawyer can help you if you have lost your job.

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In my practice in wrongful dismissal cases I have found that when a person has been let go, fired or wrongfully terminated from their employment the initial reaction can often be humiliation or embarrassment. It is important to understand, however, that you are not alone and that you do have rights under the Employment Standards Act . To understand those rights it is important to speak with an employment lawyer right away. Being aggressive and well prepared at an early stage ensures that you access the most of your entitlement.
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Do I need to hire an Ontario employment lawyer?

An employee can choose to sue an employer for wrongful dismissal, or submit a claim to the Ontario Ministry of Labour for an investigation of the termination or severance, but cannot do both. Because of this, many turn to an Ontario employment lawyer to answer their questions and help explain the process step by step.
First, let’s clarify exactly what constitutes “employment termination”.  An Ontario Employment Lawyer explains wrongful dismissal

Need answers to your questions about wrongful dismissal? Our lawyers will listen to your concerns and offer you sound advice on the best way to determine how to take action.

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