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Employment lawyer works with referral network to meet clients across Ontario

Patrick Sloan Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer

Patrick Sloan joined Ferguson Barristers in 2008 and practices in wrongful dismissal and personal injury law  focusing on product liability, slip and falls and motor vehicle accidents.


In my practice in wrongful dismissal cases I have found that when a person has been let go, fired or wrongfully terminated from their employment the initial reaction can often be humiliation or embarrassment. It is important to understand, however, that you are not alone and that you do have rights under the Employment Standards Act . To understand those rights it is important to speak with an employment lawyer right away. Being aggressive and well prepared at an early stage ensures that you access the most of your entitlement.

For clients who have experienced a serious car crash or slip and fall accident often the best way to help is by listening to client’s needs during a time that can be stressful and uncertain. Hearing all of the details surrounding the accident, and gaining a full understanding of how a client’s injuries have impacted their ability to work and enjoy life, gives me a clear perspective on how to get a fair settlement for my client.

Ontario’s Injury Lawyers travel to your home town

In my practice, one of the best things about Ontario’s Injury Lawyers referring lawyer network is that it provides the opportunity to meet with clients in their own home or lawyer’s office. This way, I can better understand the client’s needs and interests by seeing first hand what their local environments are, and experience many different communities across Ontario.

Not only does the referral system allow me to enjoy meeting clients across Ontario, but meeting the referring solicitors has allowed new relationships to develop. Through the relationships that develop, friendship and trust seem to naturally flourish. Our family of referring lawyers trust not only that we will meticulously advocate for our mutual clients, but also that we will be there for them when they require professional advice or simply a shoulder to lean on.
In my free time, I can often be found on the golf course or enjoying the waters of Georgian bay.

Patrick was called to the bar in January 2009 and is a graduate of Aberdeen University (L.L.B) in Scotland, Nipissing University (B.A.), and holds a Certificate in Mediation and Dispute Resolution from York University.

If you have been injured in a car accident, suffered brain injury or have been fired without cause, contact Patrick to learn more about how to take action on your personal injury claim or employment litigation matter.


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