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WSIB claim accepted for widow of local volunteer firefighter

The news was great for Nancy French – her claim with WSIB had finally been accepted and  her late husband’s funeral costs will be covered and she will begin receiving a monthly pension. As reported in the Midland Free Press last week, members of Ontario’s Injury Lawyers helped Nancy achieve this welcome result.

Initial WSIB Claim Denied

Initially, WSIB denied Nancy’s claim. In a nutshell, WSIB would not accept her claim on the basis that the available records did not prove to their satisfaction that her late husband’s colon cancer was the primary cause of death. Letters from the treating doctors verifying that her husband died from colon cancer were not sufficient. Unfortunately, there was no autopsy report to confirm the primary cause of death.

Lawyers Rod Ferguson and Rachel Leck

Faced with this denial, Nancy turned to Rod Ferguson of Ferguson Barristers for assistance. Rod, together with associate lawyer, Rachel Leck, worked to help Nancy locate the necessary medical documentation and obtain the appropriate expert reports to convince the WSIB to reverse its decision.

At the end of the day, it was a report from a staff radiologist at Toronto East General Hospital that convinced the WSIB to change their mind.

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